Meagan Good To Write Relationship Advice Book And Five Other Relationship Advice Books By Women

Life & Love | Bene Viera | 11/11/2013 | 03:58 PM EST

Meagan Good To Write Relationship Advice Book On Celibacy

Meagan Good is using her love story as inspiration to write a relationship advice book.

Good knew her husband Devon Franklin was her husband before they went on their first date. She’d been praying and working on herself when Devon came in to the picture. She was celibate and he had been celibate for 10 years. After dating for 10 months, the couple jumped the broom.

Tentatively titled “The Wait,” the book will center around Meagan and Devon’s faith-based relationship and remaining celibate until marriage. The husband and wife duo will co-author what will be Meagan’s first book. It is slated for an early 2014 release.

It’s nice to see relationship books written by women get some shine. Although Meagan hasn’t been married long, she has a story to tell. Oftentimes relationship books are written by sexist men telling women how to jump through hoops to find and keep a man. The focus is always on what the woman needs to do. One can hope “The Wait” doesn’t model itself off of many of its predecessors.

Here’s five other relationship books written by women worth a read:

1. “What Brothers Think, What Sistahs Know” by Denene Millner and Nick Chiles

Long before relationship books were the “it” thing of the moment, Millner and hubby co-authored a book for men and women. As a married couple they offered both sides of the coin. After all, it takes two to make a relationship work.

2. “A Belle in Brooklyn” by Demetria Lucas

Instead of the straight-forward advice book, Lucas details her own dating experiences hoping readers can learn from her experiences. There are the occasional lists and her male squad weighing in on what men want. As the former Relationships Editor for ESSENCE magazine, a trained life coach and a woman who studies relationships for a living, her advice is legit.

3. “In Search of the Proverbs 31 Man: The One God Approves and a Woman Wants” by Michelle McKinney Hammond

McKinney Hammond has written a slew of books dedicated to the single Christian woman. While her books are faith-based, she isn’t preachy. McKinney goes in depth of what God requires of a husband and uses Biblical men as examples. She also lays out a model of how men and women can have healthy and fulfilling relationships. 

4. "You Deserve Healthy Love, Sis!: The Seven Steps to Getting the Relationship You Want" by Dr. Gracie Cornish

National Bestseller author, motivational speaker and TV personality digs deep with a workable plan for women to find their true soul mate and cultivate healthy love.

5. "Stripped Bare: The 12 Truths That Will Help You Land the Very Best Black Man" by LaDawn Black

As the host of Baltimore’s “The Love Zone," a radio relationship show, LaDawn Black has a wealth of information to dole out. She’s writing for the smart, modern women tired of the media filling their heads with daunting statistics and the belief that "good” black men are hard to find. She asks readers to take their lives (and love lives) in their own hands. Instead of focusing on a man the author helps readers become the woman who will attract the kind of man she's interested in. 

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