Benefits of Online Dating: Why Love May Only Be a Click Away

Life & Love | Gerren Keith Gaynor | 11/08/2013 | 11:00 AM EST

Check Out These Three Benefits To Finding Love Online

Technology has brought us many benefits over the years. In the world of online, there’s literally nothing you can’t do; you can obtain a degree, shop for the perfect holiday gift, pay your bills, and even find love.While many still turn a side-eye to online dating, there are great benefits to searching for your mate behind a computer screen.

Though finding prospects the traditional route may be the more practical way to finding love, online dating has quickly become a great alternative and safer way to meeting someone. In fact, the percentage of Americans who use online dating services has grown significantly over the past several years, according to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center. Of course, like most things, online dating has its pitfalls. However, turning to the Internet for your dating search may just be the thing that stands between you and finding your soul mate.

In case you’re still a bit skeptical about turning over your dating life to the click of a mouse, here are a few benefits to online dating:

Weeding Out The Bad Seeds - Probably the greatest benefit to online dating is the ability to filter your search. Most dating websites and mobile applications allow you to browse through prospects based on a host of things like age, height, race and general interests. By narrowing down your search, you’re able to get a better pool of candidates that best fit you and your desires. No longer do you have to scout while sitting at a bar. You can now weed out the bad seeds all at the convenience of your fingertips.

Save Money - Going on date after date can become pretty costly. Between paying for dinner and transportation, dating can do quite the damage to your pockets, especially if you’re constantly going on a date with a different person. Instead of trying to learn all you can about a person on a first date, online services allow you to thoroughly vet someone until you feel comfortable enough to meet them in person. It sucks going on a date, only to find out the person wasn’t worth your time, or money.

Cast Your Net Wide - Dating online doesn’t have to be your primary way of meeting someone, but it’s a sure way to cover all your bases. They say love can be around the corner, but what if you’re so busy looking for Mr. or Ms. Right that you miss him or her because you were looking the wrong way? You can still meet dating prospects the traditional way, but online dating allows you to tap into a range of people you wouldn’t normally meet in your everyday life. With nearly everyone owning a computer these days, who’s to say love isn’t a web browser away?

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