Larenz Tate, Wife Expecting Baby No. 3

Life & Love | Camille Travis | 10/14/2013 | 11:45 AM EDT

Could The Couple Be Welcoming Their First Girl?

Congratulations are in order for Larenz Tate and wife Tomasina Parrott who are expecting their third child!

The couple celebrated the baby's upcoming arrival this past weekend at a baby shower attended by friends and family, including TGT's Tank and girlfriend Zena Foster. There's no word on the gender of the child.

Back in March, Tate explained to how he keeps his life in balance with a hectic work schedule, wife and two young boys (Myles Xavier, 7, and Zander, 5) at home.

"I have a great life partner in my wife, she's great and we balance it out. My children understand that Dad is in his office doing business all the time. If I can bring my family and include them in on trips it's really important, but they're little guys in elementary [school]. They understand what I'm doing, but I'm always there for them when it's time to do homework. We share the responsibility in parenting. My kids have a busier schedule than me. They're always at events and functions and going to birthday parties and play dates and they love to go to museums. They're outdoorsmen. They love to go and play at the park and they like to go in the forest and do stuff. They like going on walks and trips, so they always got something going on. I gotta keep up with them!"

Could a little princess be on the way? Only time will tell.

Best wishes to the couple and their new bundle of joy!

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