Party Of One: 5 Helpful Tips For The Single Lady

Life & Love | Camille Travis | 09/02/2013 | 09:00 AM EDT

5 Helpful Tips For The Single Lady

On a brand new episode of CultureList, host LeToya Luckett gets personal with actress LisaRaye McCoy of VH1's hit series Single Ladies ahead of the show's season three premiere. While we patiently wait for another round of sex, drama and romance, we want to speak with our "single ladies" who are taking a seat from the relationship game.

Despite popular opinion, flying solo doesn't mean you're suddenly a depressed catwoman eating Häagen-Dazs by the pint. Taking time away from dating can be beneficial to your overall emotional, spiritual and physical being while preparing yourself for the next trip to love land.

Check out these five tips to being the best you while living the single life!

General Upkeep

In the absence of a mate, DO NOT let yourself go because you think there isn't anyone around to impress. At the same, it's unnecessary to overly complicate your appearance by going out of your way to hook a potential partner. Single or taken, you should continue with your routine of working out, eating healthy, drinking in moderation and any other practices that keeps you looking in tip-top shape.

Happy Hobbies

Sure, you could sit around watching The Notebook for the umpteenth. Or, you could get out and enjoy all that life has to offer. Finding hobbies while leading the single life not only fills your time with enjoyable activities, but can also tap into your creative side that might have been stiffled while in a relationship. Take a dance class, hit some art galleries, travel the world or maybe even blog-- the possibilities are endless.

Supportive Sister

Don't be that woman. You know, the one who's wonderful when she's boo'ed up, but transforms into Debbie Downer when she's riding solo. There is no need to bash ex-mates or put down the next woman who is happy in her relationship. Don't be bitter, be better. And if you absolutely have nothing nice to say while in your singledom, don't say anything at all.

Workin' On Me

Take this opportunity to make sure you're whole as a person because no one can "complete" you-- only compliment you. Analyze your strengths and weaknesses, noting if any of your "quirks" are masked issues.

High Heels, Higher Standards

Remain true to yourself and what you expect out of a partner. No matter if you've been single for five days or five years, there is no need to lower your standards (unless they're unrealistically high) in the hopes of a relationship. The right person will come along who will fit your list of requirements and you'll thank yourself for it.

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