Can Having A College Education Affect Your Relationship, With A Partner Who Doesn't? 

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Understanding How One Partner's Lack Of Higher Education Can Cause Relationship Insecurities

Picture this A young woman sits on her bed stunned. Did he really just say what she thought he said, Save your college educated bull@#$! for somebody that gives a crap. Where was this coming from? I have never been one to throw around my degrees. The only time that wed even discussed my alma mater was on Saturdays during college football season when I was cheering on my beloved GATORS. We all know that Black women are outpacing their male counterparts, which is a testament to the fact that educational inequality is causing an achievement gap that begins long before college. This country needs to work to ensure that every child has access to a high quality education.

I have never let educational background limit my interests. Blue collar, white collar, hustlerreal ambition doesnt have a label; its something thats just in you. I was raised by hustlers and their expectation was that I go to college. The most important lesson that they taught me though, was to treat people with respect no matter who they were. I thought Id done a pretty good job of that. Was it possible that in all of the time that Id known this guy, hed secretly been holding a grudge because I finished school and he didnt? Eventually he apologized (to my god brothernever directly to me), but by then I was already done. I cannot be held responsible for insecurities that folks are creating in their own heads. The basic principle of treating others as you want to be treated isn't some college taught foolishness. Degrees dont keep you warm at night, or tell you that youre beautiful. They are credentials for the boardroom, not the bedroom. While I am proud of my accomplishments, I am not a prisoner to them. Im not that girlnever have been, never will be.---sueZette Yasmin Robotham

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