Can A Man Handle It When His Housewife Decides To Pursue A Career?

Life & Love | By sueZette Yasmin Robotham | 04/08/2013 | 10:07 AM EDT

The archetypal Alpha Male, with all of his strength and power has always had a place in society, successfully and continuously easing his way into the hearts (and panties) of women since "The Beginning." But while women love to feel protected and cared for---in varying degrees of course---there is a fine line between a man being in control and controlling. In other words, what happens when that alpha male behavior gives way to the caveman sensibility: See an attractive woman, throw her over the shoulder, and take her back to the cave and never let her go. Enter: Kordell and Porsha Stewart. When news hit the internet that the retired NFL star had filed for divorce from the Real Housewives of Atlanta star after barely two years of marriage, I immediately wondered what would cause this man to divorce his beautiful and seemingly loyal and supportive woman? My conclusion: Typical male control issues. A bi-product of male insecurity that manifests itself as an inflated ego and extreme level of pride. Blame it on "editing" all you want, but Kordell doesn't seem to be too far off from the super controlling, hyper-masculine, king-of-the-castle type that's he's presented as on the Bravo reality show. And while I cringed at the idea of a man having that much control over a woman (Example: No man can could come to their house, when he was not there). Women, like Porsha, who have been brought up in the tradition that you can only get ahead and be protected if you snag a successful man, go along with "the rules," that metaphorically keep them in the passenger seat, if not the back seat strapped up in a car seat with a pacifier in their mouths. We have heard many men---successful or not---say it before: "I want my wife to take care of the household and the kids. When I come home I want dinner cooked, blah, blah, blah...this is how it was when I was growing up...blah, blah,blah." My response? Man, please. While she was not quite jumping up and down on one leg and barking like a dog a la Vanessa Bell Calloway as Imani Izzi in 'Coming to America,' Porsha made it clear that her role as a wife was to abide by the will of her husband. Even as he told her during a recent episode that she could not have a career (a leadership role in her familys charity) and raise their child, she remained silent, and saved her response for the post-scene confessional.

So, why would Kordell (or any man) want to walk away from his beautiful and dare I say, submissive wife? Perhaps the success that Porsha yearned for and was finding via the show, came as a threat to her hubby's status? Was the king afraid he was going to lose his spotlight to his queen? But it does present the question: Can A Man Handle It When His Housewife Decides To Pursue A Career?

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