Do Men Have a Problem Holding Hands With Their Lady In Public?

Life & Love | By admin | 03/20/2013 | 01:54 PM EDT

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's officially Spring! And as the heat index climbs everyone is out and about---including me. As I traverse the city of New York, I can't help but notice all the couples. I mean there are hundreds of them, seemingly headed nowhere in particular, just walking around. So how do I know they were all couples you ask? Because they were HOLDING HANDS.

Recognizing that it takes two to handhold, and one is usually a man, I was a bit taken aback by this observance. Now, some of these men seemed less enthusiastic than others, which left me to ponder: How do men really feel about holding hands in public? If we dont like it, why do we do it?

Part one of the question is a little difficult, so I did an unofficial poll of my various social media resources to get a sense of what the fellas were feeling on this situation. To my surprise, most men were down with the whole finger-mingling thing. However, there were some qualifiers: Some thought such displays were intimate and for more private moments, while others felt that the status of the relationship would determine their willingness to engage in handercourse---particularly in public. And some just use it as a way of marking territory.

Part two of the query is easy. Just like Valentines Day, going to Tyler Perry movies and making those trips for feminine care products---men will go along with holding hands because they dont want any beef that will keep them from having sex with their woman.

Now, for the record, Im a pretty affectionate guy---Yes, even in public. I can walk down the street with my arm around her waist or shoulder and do the interlocking arms. However, what I cant do and wont do is walk down the street hand-in-hand like Jiminy Cricket is whistling on my shoulder. I prefer my hand holding to be privately public. You know, at dinner, the movies, in the car etc. Good news for the ladies, I seem to be in the minority.

Well, fellas? Am I?

--- Al Butler

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