What Should Tamar & Vince Name Their Baby-To-Be?

Life & Love | By Justin D Joseph | 03/13/2013 | 04:05 PM EDT

Following the success of her latest single "Love and War," Tamar Braxton is expecting her first child with husband, music executive and producer, Vincent Herbert. The singer and host of Centric's CultureList announced her pregnancy earlier today on Good Morning America, and went viral soon after. While we know Tamar and Vince are more than capable of coming up with an amazing name for their new addition (or additions, you never know they might have twins), we have come up with twenty names (10 boys, 10 girl) that are definite hits.

If It's A Girl...

1. Tayslay

Tamar does "slay" the "children," and we're sure her daughter will follow suit---Armani suit that is.

2. Travenzhan

A little inspiration from the name of Academy Award nominated actress, Quvenzhan Wallis' name never hurt anyone.

3. Taelyn

Just in case the couple wants to pay homage to Tamar's mom, Ms. Evelyn Braxton (AKA Ms. E)

4. Ton

How cute would it be to have Auntie Toni playing with her niece, Ton?

5. Talent

Like mother (and father), like daughter. This baby is bound to come out crying on pitch, and screaming in a harmony---she'll take the middle third.

If It's A Boy...

1. Tamarion

When Tamar interviewed Omarion on CultureList, she was inspired by his dance moves.

2. Tej

Tamar has talked about her man's jet before, why not reverse it and rock out. Tej Herbert. We like it!

3. Twill

Tamar has been known to rock a Chanel tweed and twill jacket like nobody's business.

4. (D)Terry

The "D" is silent

5. Tariq

We just like this name...

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