Switching Up Cliche Valentine's Day Gifts

Life & Love | By Justin D Joseph | 02/11/2013 | 08:01 AM EST

Fellas listen up! Valentines Day is not only a holiday for loving, but a time to explore new possibilities to enhance the romance. Women dont want monotony, therefore its important to focus on ways to take things up a notch. Realize that you must excite to entice, and that can be easily achieved with upgrading those traditional (Read: BORING) Valentines gifts. So trash those packaged red roses, and elevate your romance game. img-thing (3)Clich #1: Red Roses The Upgrade: Pre-packaged bouquets of red roses (and God forbid carnations) might save you time and effort but they are quite clich. With the help of a florist, make your lady feel special by creating a personalized arrangement made of her favorite flowers. If youre unsure of her favorites, choose flowers that are in her favorite colors. ED NOTE: If roses are her favorite choose from the white or pink variety---and go easy on the babys breath. img-thing (4)Clich #2: Boxed Chocolate The Upgrade: Boxed chocolates are pointless if they arent Godiva. If you want to gift your lady candy, scrap the Russell Stover and get creative. Grab an inexpensive glass jar container and fill it up with her favorite candy, top off with a bow and accompany with a hand written love note.

img-thing (5)Clich #3: Teddy Bears The Upgrade:Those generic red, black or white teddies---holding a satin I LOVE YOU heart---seem to monopolize pharmacy store shelves every year. After the initial gifting they typically end up trashed or on a donation truck. Instead of a teddy bear get her a puppy. If thats too much, head to Build-A-Bear and create a stuffed animal that has sentimental elements of both you and her.

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