Alternative Badass Ways To Spend Your New Year's Eve

Life & Love | Gerren Keith Gaynor | 12/30/2014 | 12:00 PM EST

Feel like going rogue this year? Centric's got you covered.

New Year’s Eve. The day millions of people around the world celebrate the approaching and arrival of the new year with streamers and lots of booze. But whether in the Big Apple to watch the ball drop or in Atlanta to see the peach drop, you have to admit that New Year’s Eve can be quite the hassle when you factor in how crowded highways and venues can get.


If you’re like one of the countless others who hates crowds but still wants to celebrate the new year, why not consider some unconventional ways to countdown the clock? Believe it or not, you don’t have to go to a black tie soiree or tourist hotspot if it’s not something you really want to do. If you’re short on ideas, fear not. Here’s our alternative guide to celebrating New Year’s Eve, drama and crowd free.

Attend A House Party

If you want to be in a party atmosphere but don’t necessarily want to be on the streets or in a high concentrated part of town, a house party is your best shot. You’re able to turn up without being overwhelmed by a slew of people, and most of all you can still have the time of your life. Celebrating in a more controlled environment like a house party creates less anxiety for the socially awkward or anti-crowd type. If you’re lucky enough to find a house party that's happening locally, even better. You’ll avoid having to travel across town with all that unnecessary traffic.

Plan a Pajama Party With Close Friends

If you really don’t want to leave the house but still want to party, just bring the party to you. Rather than stressing yourself out about finding the perfect New Year’s outfit, you can always throw a last-minute pajama party with your closest girls--it won’t require you to step outside or get dressed. Who needs to be out and about you have your main crew, bottles of champagne and television? You can mix things up with games and music, and after the clock strikes 12 a.m., sitting around and talk about your goals for 2015. It may just spark a much-needed conversation. Sometimes it’s not about what you do or where you go, but about who you’re with.

Attend Church Service

Maybe you’re on defense about partying at all, and would rather do something that’s reflective and therapeutic. If that’s you, maybe attending a church service is what you really need. If you’re the religious type, you’ll enjoy the angelic sounds of a choir and the inspiring words of a good ole sermon. You’ll leave the sanctuary feeling renewed and ready to conquer 2015. If you’re worried about missing out on the secular festivities, at least you can lay your head knowing God was pleased, right?

Just Stay Home On Your Couch

Believe it or not, not everyone cares to be around people or even party on New Year’s eve. If this person is you, don’t feel the need to cave in to pressures of stepping out to conquer the town if you know you’d rather be perched on your couch watching Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with a glass of wine in hand. Sometimes simple is best. Being in solitude while the new year comes doesn’t have to be such a depressing drag. There’s beauty is being alone...even on New Year’s. Take this time to sit in your own thoughts and reflect about the year you had. What did you enjoy? What do you want to change in 2015? Block out the rest of the world and simply live in the moment. You can always see everyone else on New Year’s Day, but for the eve it’s just about you.

Whatever you choose to do this New Year’s Eve just be sure that it’s something that you want to do. The day and how you celebrate is often seen as a symbolic start to how your new year will shape out, so choose wisely!

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