A Holiday Gift Guide For The 'Badass' Woman

Life & Love | Gerren Keith Gaynor | 12/17/2014 | 04:45 PM EST

Centric helps you find the best items for the woman is bold, confident and unapologetically herself

Any woman who is unapologetically herself and doesn’t care about what others think of her is most certainly a badass. She’s confident, she’s bold, stylish and never afraid to live life on the edge--but she also knows how to maintain her sophistication. If this woman sounds like someone in your life, it’s important that whatever you choose to get her for the holiday is something of distinction. A badass doesn’t just tolerate anything ole thing.

If you need help with narrowing down your search don’t fret, Centric’s got you covered. Here’s our picks for the Centric badass woman. Shop with caution.

Leopard Heels

Nothing screams badass more than a fashionable pair of leopard heels. While most conservative women would never rock such a print out of fear, a woman with edge would love nothing more. We here at Centric recommend the leopard pump from Tamar Braxton’s Tamar Collection. It’s description says it best: “No wardrobe is complete without a pair of leopard pumps. This style is crafted from eye-catching leopard-print genuine haircalf with black piping, and features Tamar’s red signature on the sole. Treat this printed pump as your new neutral and #takeawalkonthewildside.”

Price: $79. Where: www.tamarcollection.com.

Chanel Bag

Some of the baddest women in Hollywood have sworn by Chanel, from Marilyn Monroe to the badass princess herself, Rihanna. The french designer company is desired by many and owned by few. Though pricey, you can always find a great deal online. Gift the badass in your life with this Chanel patent leather wallet from therealreal.com. While it is pre-owned, the price is irresistible. But if you do have the cash to spare, feel free to go all the way with classic Chanel handbag. You’ll be santa of the year if you do.

Price: $350. Where: www.therealreal.com.

Lipstick With A Pop

A true bold woman loves bold color, which why a great gift idea would be bright shades of lipstick. Not only will she have something to enhance her already natural beauty, but its bold colors will match her vibrant personality. Try Revlon’s Colorbust Matte Balm collection, which includes fun colors like the purple “Shameless,” the pink “unapologetic” and pastel “Showy.” She’ll absolutely love it.

Price: $14 each. Where: www.revlon.com.


A badass woman doesn’t just want to look good on the inside. What she wears underneath her clothes is just as important as her outerwear, which is why you can go wrong with lingerie. Go lace and nude with the new line Nubian Skin, which sells a line of underwear tailored made for women of color. We recommend The Cinnamon Classic Lace Push-Up Bra. It’s romantic and feminine, will accentuate her curves. And depending on her dating or relationship status, it will surely satisfy her suitor or lover.

Price: $40. Where: www.nubianskin.com.

Pearl Necklace

Nothing signifies a powerful, confident woman more than a pearl necklace. For centuries pearls represented class and sophistication, so why not allow the badass woman in your life feel like she’s the queen she is by gifting her with a classic necklet decked with beautiful pearls. Kay jewelers have pearls with an impressive price, without compromising the quality. When she places this gift around her neck, she’ll never want to take them off.

Price: $90. Where: www.kay.com.

(Photos from Left: Chanel, Nubian Skin)

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