Tips On How To Be Better Organized At Work

Life & Love | Shana Childs | 05/12/2014 | 04:30 PM EDT

Be more productive with these four helpful tips

Summer's around the corner and it feels like vacation time already!

But before you swap your career suit for your swimsuit, you need to get some major work done. Don't want to have your boss and co-workers talking about you when you jet set? Reorganize to rev up your productivity and truly relax once work is over. For your convenience, Centric’s rounded up four ways to be better structured at the workspace. Check it out!

Keep a small notebook handy, and use it

How many red Outlook items pop up when you first log onto your computer? Exactly. There’s nothing like having an accessible, easy-to-carry notebook with all of your do-to’s. Whether you’re jotting down the task your boss conjured up as you were leaving or what you need to purchase at the grocery store, keep it with you at all times.  


Knock out the tasks you dislike first

Procrastination not only costs you, it costs your employer about $10,000 per year. Get rid of that daunting feeling – and an angry boss – by doing the stuff you don’t want to do first thing in the morning. You’ll be able to get through the rest of the day without it clouding your mind.

Label and Purge

Having a slow day? Set aside an hour to label and organize your documents – and trash what you don’t need. Employees lose an average of 76 hours every year looking for misplaced items, according to a survey of more than 700 full-time professionals. 

Try labeling each drawer or folder – yes, that includes on the computer—according to how your work is divided. Want to hold onto an email print-out, but don’t know when you’ll need it? Create a “Pending” folder for those loose items that are usually over your desk. When it comes to records, keep only one copy of each document; shred and recycle the rest.


Divide household chores

Even though a growing number of families are relying on women’s income to keep the lights on, women are still doing most of the housework, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Negotiate a simple schedule of chores with your significant other, and make it time-based, rather rigid and permanent. Got a big presentation coming up next week? Ask your sweetie to help with the kids’ homework that week so you can excel at work. 

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