A Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Your Significant Other

Life & Love | Gerren Keith Gaynor | 02/10/2014 | 04:00 PM EST

For some, V-Day is a big deal, which is why picking out the best and most romantic gift is vital

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and if you haven’t yet secured a gift for your sweetheart - what are you waiting for?

For many, how you spend your V Day or choose to celebrate the love in your life is very much representative of how important your significant other is to you. They’re either there just to take up space (a simple greeting card) or they’re your everything (something to add to the jewelry collection). If your lover means anything to you, then you’d agree that picking out the right gift is absolutely crucial.

Luckily for you, Centric has made this year’s gift shopping a little less painful with this gift guide of things that will have your mate fall in love with you all over again. Check it out.

Fine Jewelry

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so what better way to show how much your mate means to you with something like a heart lock pendant from Tiffany’s or new ring to add to one’s collection? But jewelry doesn’t have to be just for the ladies. Men like jewelry too. Go for a high-quality watch or chunky “manly” bracelet, or whatever you feel fits your lover’s personal style. If you really want to show and prove, impress your partner with a QR Code necklace designed with a barcode of a specialized message of your choice. We don’t recommend you go this route unless you’ve been with your partner for a lengthy amount of time. No need spending thousands of dollars on a fine piece of jewelry on someone who could potentially be gone tomorrow. Plus, jewelry sends a pretty strong message (like “I love you”) and you don’t want to send one you don’t actually mean.

Go Tech

Particularly in the case that your mate is a tech nerd, nothing says I love you more than a new gadget to add to one’s collection. Who wants a card and box of chocolates that’ll probably be in the garbage in a week when you can get something they can actually enjoy...and for a long time? Of course the technological staples like a brand new Macbook or iPad from Apple, or you can opt for something way more cool and innovative like USB cufflinks or a Roku.

Spa Treatment

Sometimes the best gifts aren’t physical gifts at all. Everyone appreciates a great massage, and with the SpaFinder, a virtual gift card that’s valid at more than 20,000 locations, you can ensure your mate gets to feel like royalty for a day. If you really want to impress, purchase some hot oils, candles and edible fruit and treat your beau to a steamy hot evening of personal massage and special treats.

Edible Arrangements

The marrying concept of fruits and flower delivery, better known as Edible Arrangements is probably the most genius idea to date - especially on occasions like Valentine’s Day. From chocolate-covered strawberries (both white and dark chocolate to heart-shaped pineapples, there’s quite the variety of edible treats to send your lover’s way. You can deliver it personally or have it delivered as a surprise. But don’t go thinking that alone with do the trick. Your partner will more than likely expect a little more than a fancy Edible Arrangement. Be sure to have an evening planned of romance and intimacy.

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