How To Create A Vision Board For Your 2014 Goals

Life & Love | Bené Viera | 12/27/2013 | 09:30 AM EST

Bring in the new year with a vision board for your 2014 goals.

Every year around this time, we carve out a few hours to create a vision board for everything we want to come to fruition in the next year. One must visualize the life they want to live before working for it.

A vision board is simply a collage of words and pictures of your goals, wants, needs and dreams. Everything on your vision board is a personal representation of what you want to happen in the next year or in your life in general. If it’s a promotion at work you find an image or the word ‘Promotion’ to put on the board. Perhaps you have dreams of saving $10,000 in a year. Put it on the vision board!

The goal is to be better in 2014 than you were in 2013. Here’s our step-by-step process of creating a vision board to assist you with working toward your best life. The best is yet to come!

What You’ll Need:

A bulletin board or big poster board
Lots of magazines
Thumb tacks, glue or tape

Step 1: Know your vision
You can either write down what your vision for 2014 is or know in your head the things you want to accomplish. Do whatever works for you as long as you have the visual before you start on the board.

Step 2: Flip through magazines with purpose
The goal in looking through countless magazines is to find words and images that directly relate to your vision. Maybe a house represents your desire to own your own home. If you come across an ad for the engagement ring you want, save it for your board if marriage is one of your goals. If you see the word yoga and know you want to practice yoga more frequently in 2014, cut out the word.

Step 3: Cut out everything you want to go on your board
Even if you don’t end up using some of the letters and images you cut out that’s fine. It’s better to have more than enough than not enough. After you’ve cut out the pieces, put them in a pile.

Step 4: Organize
Organize your board the way you want it to look. Place the magazine cut-outs where you can envision them on the board. Do not glue or thumbtack them in place just yet. This is your layout. What we’ve started doing over the last couple years is organizing the board in sections. Under finances, family, love, health, career and travel there are various quotes or pictures. This makes the board more focused. The more specific you can be with your goals and wants, the better chance you have of knowing exactly how to work toward achieving it.

Step 5: Secure images on the board
Arrange the photos how you see fit. It’s your board. Decorate it how you want. The main thing is having what you want to come to fruition on the board clearly.

Step 6: Hang it somewhere you’ll see it daily
Seeing your vision board daily will remind you of what you’re supposed to be working toward. Any time you fall off track or get down, you can look toward your vision board for direction. As long as you know you have a vision, you’ll hold yourself accountable and see to it that your dreams come true.

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