9 Tips On Being A Great Christmas Party Guest

Life & Love | Bené Viera | 12/06/2013 | 09:27 AM EST

We've come up with nine tips on being the absolute best Christmas party guest.

Your inbox is overflooding with Christmas party invites. This makes you smile. While you’re thinking about what fabulous ensemble to wear the host is somewhere stressing about whether they have enough food and libations, and ultimately hoping they pull off an amazing party. So here’s tips on how to be a good party guest.

Yes or no--respond in ample time leading up to the actual party. If plus ones are allowed, RSVP with your plus one. Hosts need to have an estimated head count so they know how much food and liquor to purchase. Don’t be that person that doesn’t RSVP then shows up with three other people.

Bring something
It can be a bottle of wine or chips and dip, just do not show up empty handed. Check the invite to see if the host requested anything specific that way you’re not showing up with something the party will have more than enough of. A gift is optional.

Don’t show up super early
The day of a Christmas party is hectic. There’s set-up, food preparation, the phone is ringing non-stop, people are calling for directions, not to mention the host has to have time to look fabulous. Show up a bit late. This is one of the rare instances being late is appreciated. Showing up at 8:30 or 9:00 for a party that starts at 8:00 is perfectly fine. Unless specified to show up on time the host will appreciate the extra time.

Offer help...but use discernment
By all means don’t get in the way. And since you’re there to party you probably didn’t envision moving a table to the corner or laying out a cheese spread. Offer anyway. This is specifically for those on time folks who refuse to be late. The offer will most likely be declined. You just don’t want to be that jerk who sat there and watched the host struggle moving a TV.

Eat when instructed
Yes, we’re all hungry. The food smells good! Great. Now wait until the host has said, “You can start fixing your plate.” Have a snack before arriving to hold you over. Nothing worse than being in the kitchen picking at the food that isn't fully ready yet.

Party and mingle
There will be people there you don’t know. This is a great opportunity to meet new people. Sitting in the corner is lame. Acting like you’re doing something important on your phone is even lamer. It’s a party! Act like it.

No smoking
Hopefully you’re side-eyeing this because you know it’s completely unacceptable to smoke in someone else’s house in a room full of people that probably don’t smoke. Go outside if you must, but make sure you wash your hands afterward and pop some gum.

Offer to help with cleanup duty
For days the host will mop his/her floor to remove all the skid marks from people’s shoes. No one will be there to help. Offer to help with the dishes or moving of tables or even taking the trash out on the way. It shows gratitude.

Know when to throw up the peace sign
It’s been a long night, but you’re not ready to leave. Everyone has long gone except a couple of stragglers. In her head the host is screaming, "For Pete's sake, leave already!" Once the lights are on, the DJ is packing up and the host is in cleanup mode, you've stayed too late.

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