Conversations to Avoid During The Holidays

Life & Love | Gerren Keith Gaynor | 11/27/2013 | 12:30 PM EST

Some things are better left unsaid at the dinner table

The holidays are a time to be merry and enjoy your family and nothing can ruin that more than a family argument. To avoid turning your family gathering into a war zone, you may want to steer clear from controversial or sensitive topics around the dinner table. For your convenience, we've compiled a list of conversational no-no’s you don’t want to bring up this holiday. You’ll thank us later.

Religion - In the 21st century, it’s safe to assume that not everyone in your family has the same belief systems, which is why it’s probably not a good idea to bring up religion. You just may have a family member who’s atheist or agnostic, which tends to get a lot of Christians, etc. a little worked up. For the sake of harmony, it’s best to keep it to a minimum. Feel free to bless the food, but don’t go any further than that. It may just open up a can of worms you won’t be able to clean up.

Politics - Reality check: everyone is not on “Team Obama.” With Obamacare becoming increasingly controversial, along with a host of other political topics, politics may just want to take a backseat around the dinner table. We all know how passionate President Barack Obama’s supporters can be.

Gossip - Every family has its dirty laundry, but it doesn’t mean it needs to be aired out during the holidays. Some things just shouldn’t be up for discussion. If family members are whispering about Uncle Willy’s alcohol problem or wondering if Leroy’s “friend” is really his male lover, leave the gossip at the front door. The holidays should be a time to enjoy each other’s company, not to cause division. Wait for a more appropriate time to address such serious topics.

Money - Whether it’s about money woes or a new raise, finance talk can get messy - not to mention it can be pretty embarrassing talking about your bad credit around your family. Oftentimes others will try to give you unsolicited advice or ask for/offer to loan you money, which may not be ideal in front of the entire clan. Unless it’s within your immediate family circle, stay away from money talk as best you can.

Dating Life - While grilling your loved one about their dating life may seem harmless, it can lead to a world of drama. Oftentimes your family likes to give it to you straight with no chaser, and hearing them share possible reservations or opinions about your dating life can cause quite the tension over turkey and eggnog. Not to mention, family members can be quite nosey and imposing. Unless you’re married or engaged, avoid talking about your relationship at all cost.

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