iFitness: Four Fitness Apps That Help Improve Your Health

Life & Love | By Yvelette Stines | 04/02/2012 | 01:54 PM EDT

Centric Names Our Favorite Apps That Promote Better Health and Fitness

If you're the typical busy working adult, chances are you are attached to your phone. But that same busy career, that has you attached to your smart phone, can lead you to make some not-so-smart fitness and health decisions. But, you're in luck. There are a slew of fitness phone applications that will help you jump start or maintain a healthy lifestyle. Check out these apps that will get you going in the right direction.

1. Experience Life's Revolutionary Ways to Be Healthy
Everyone needs a nudge toward healthier choices and a positive attitude, and this app provides that. Peruse the 101 Ways to Get Healthy at your own pace, or click "Surprise Me" for a randomly selected tip.

2. iMapMyRIDE
This cycling app uses built-in GPS technology to determine your ride. It also offers an interactive map and records metrics including duration, distance, speed, pace and elevation.

3. MyFitnessPal
People tend to lose more weight when they track what they're eating. With 1,497,000 foods in its database, this app makes it easy to log your food, and even remembers what you eat regularly. Use this free app to track your calories and tap into the community forum for support.

4. Pandora
Anyone who works out regularly, knows that great music can make for a great workout. This free custom jukebox is a great app for keeping you pumping. Like its online companion, users of the app are able to set up custom channels by artist or genre.

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