Great Ways To Relieve Stress In Your Life

Life & Love | Gerren Keith Gaynor | 01/19/2015 | 12:00 PM EST

Centric guides you to ways to destress your world and find peace of mind

Feeling like the walls of life’s many stresses are caving in on you? Maybe it’s about time you do something about it.

Between holding down the board room, home life and your love life, it can almost seem like too much. That’s where de-stressing comes in. While we can’t help how life affects us, we can certainly do something about it.


So if you’re one of the countless people looking to de-stress your life, here are some great ways to get started. Check out it!

Unplug Yourself.
Technology can sometimes be the root to all evil. Whether we’re glued to our phone because of work or because of our conditioned obsession, too much time on the smartphone or computer can contribute greatly to our stress. In fact, it can pile on more stress than anything else. Experts say we've become so obsessed with always being on that we've lost the ability to turn ourselves off. Studies show that we develop a sense of obligation to respond immediately to a barrage of text messages and emails. To keep your sanity, try unplugging every now and then--and that doesn’t mean to simply put your phone on silent. Turn it off and put it away. Instead use some free time to have some human interaction, or read a book. Whatever you do, just stay away from technology. Clear your mind and allow yourself to simply think.

Plan Longer Weekends.
Instead of taking off the entire week, try making better use of your vacation days by scheduling out a month worth of Fridays or Mondays to be out of the office. This will allow you to have three or four-day weekends. This is especially helpful if you can’t afford longer vacations. This way you get the much-needed break without being out of the office for too long. A mini-vacation is the perfect way to recharge your batteries, not to mention some experts say mini-breaks can be more beneficial than long vacations. If you really want to take advantage of your mini-vacation, take a quick weekend trip to switch up your everyday scenery. Your mind, body and soul will thank you.

Get a Hobby.
Though “get a hobby” has been often used as an insult to people who have no lives, it could not be more perfect in the quest to de-stress. Working your 9-5, only to come home to your domestic responsibilities day in and day out is not only boring but it’s dangerous to your well being. Instead choose a hobby to escape to once or twice a week. Whether it’s piano lessons, bike riding or even knitting, find something that will soothe you and bring excitement to your chaotic life. Life is meant to be a colorful experience. So why live it so black and white? It’s OK to have fun every now and then.

Surround Yourself With Positive People.
Sometimes we underestimate the power of surrounding ourselves with others. When you’re feeling overwhelmed with life’s stressors, turn to those you love most. Not only do they make for stand-by psychologists who you can vent to, they also provide a relief from your everyday, robotic routine. A few drinks and laughs with your girls can sometimes do just the trick to taking your mind off your annoying co-workers, piling emails and other mundane obligations. Instead of calling up your friends or family to vent about your day, invite them over with a bottle of wine and sweets, and simply unwind. Don’t focus on your stress or what you have to do tomorrow, and simply live in the moment. Surrounding yourself with positivity will hopefully in turn usher in more positivity to your life.

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