Workout Tips On Shedding Those Holiday Pounds

Life & Love | Gerren Keith Gaynor | 11/28/2014 | 10:00 AM EST

Feeling guilty over Thanksgiving dinner? Centric guides you to burning calories and losing weight

By now you’ve probably eaten yourself under the table with Thanksgiving dinner (and seconds and thirds), and feeling rather guilty from the caloric, fatty damage you’ve done to your body.

Fear not! You can rewrite the sins of your gluttonous past and ensure to lose those holiday pounds (and then some) with some awesome workouts and physical activities. So instead of beating yourself up about stuffing your face with all that turkey with gravy, stuffing and carb-heavy rolls, get up and do something with Centric’s guide to shedding those unnecessary pounds and burning those unneeded calories.

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Go for a run.
The most effective weapon against losing that baby weight is through extreme cardio. Nothing does the trick more than running. Running is one of the few exercises that allow you to truly use your entire body. You burn the fat and, most of all, you sweat off those pounds. Don’t think you need to go the gym in order to get a good run in. The best part is that you can run anywhere...even in your own neighborhood! Take a few laps about the block, or find the nearest park and challenge yourself to run through its entirety. Whatever you do, just run..or jog.

Go ice skating.
Not everyone is the workout type, and we get that. An alternative to feeling like you’re working out is to go out and do something fun, while working out in the process. Ice skating is a great winter hobby to indulge in with family and friends, and it works out those thigh and calf muscles. Over an hour of ice skating will burn about 589 calories. Now that’s reason enough to tie up those skating blades.

If you’re not the extremely physical type, try hopping on a bike. Rather than having to stand up, you can rest your derrière and burn calories at the same time. Whether on a moving bike or a stationed bike in the gym, it’s a sure way to work on your mid section.

Enroll in kickboxing class.
Anyone who’s taken a kickboxing class will tell you of the amazing results it has on getting the body back in tip top shape. Not only does it tone the muscles, but one thirty-minute session will burn between 275 and 450 calories. Kickboxing works out the upper and lower body, as well as your core area. The balance of exercise movements and sequences also makes kickboxing an effective exercise type for raising the heart rate and improving cardiovascular endurance. It’s become increasingly popular because many students of the exercise consider it to be extremely fun and challenging at the same time.

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