Wendy Williams Speaks On The Dangers Of Fat Shaming

Life & Love | Gerren Keith Gaynor | 08/07/2014 | 10:30 AM EDT

The talk show queen says body image led her to a path of drugs and plastic surgery

Women around the world - and young girls especially - are constantly pressured to live up to ridiculously skewed standards of beauty. And the consequences can be harmful beyond measure.

Such was the case for Wendy Williams. The talk show queen recently opened up on how being shamed for her larger body frame led her to a life of image consciousness and ultimately a destructive lifestyle.

In an interview with People magazine, William reveals her awareness of her body came about when her parents pointed it out at a very young age. By the time she was in the first grade she was already on a diet.


“In the seventies I guess that is what they called ‘love,’” Williams said. “When I look back I was a little fluffy, but I wasn't fat.”

The 50-year-old said focus on her body led her to a life of drugs in college - cocaine was her poison of choice. However, she didn’t consider it problem at the time because she didn’t have the money to “fuel the habit.”

But when she landed her radio gig in 1989, she was able to buy as much cocaine as she wanted.

“I was making $60,000 a year, and at $35 a gram, cocaine was cheap,” she said.

Williams said it wasn’t until she met her husband that she began to slowly back off the drugs. Now, she’s been clean for the last 15 years.

But her fixation on body image never went away.

Williams said two miscarriages and not taking care of herself caused her to gain over 100 pounds, and after giving birth to her only son, now 15, she decided to get a “mommy makeover,” which included a tummy tuck. She also has been very forthright about other plastic surgery procedures such as breast augmentation.

These days, at 165 pounds, Williams says she’s taking better care of her health, especially because she has Thyroid disorder and Graves’ disease (which she says is why she wears wigs).


The controversial personality and radio legend says she grateful for her journey.

“I've corrected just about everything that bothered the hell out of me in my twenties, thirties and forties,” she said.

“I have to say, this is not how I thought things would turn out. I'm sober, I've got my Kevins, my parents are still around to see my success,” she added. “I knew life would turn out OK, but I didn't think it'd turn out great.”

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