Restaurant Entrepreneur B. Smith Reveals Battle With Alzheimer's

Life & Love | Bené Viera | 06/06/2014 | 01:04 PM EDT

The owner of the famous B. Smith's restaurant remains optimistic despite her diagnosis

Sad news. Restaurant owner, designer and former model Barbara Smith - also known as B. Smith - revealed to CBS News she is suffering with Alzheimer’s Disease.

When asked what Alzheimer’s meant to her she said, “It meant something bad, really bad.”

Smith, 64, was the first Black model to cover Mademoiselle magazine. In 1986 she opened her first B. Smith’s restaurant in Midtown Manhattan. Two more followed in D.C. and Sag Harbor, NY. Last year she closed the D.C. restaurant after 20 years of business.

Speaking to CBS News about her diagnosis she revealed, “You do try to hide it from everybody.”

Four years ago B. Smith mentioned her symptoms to her doctor, but she didn’t tell her husband Dan Gasby who she’s been married to for 22 years.

In the heartbreaking video she shakes her head ‘no’ when asked if she knows the date, month and year.

“Things like that make me very sad,” she said through tears.

Despite the progression of her condition she remains optimistic.

“I think the future’s going to be fine,” the restaurant entrepreneur said. “I’m going to do my best to make it work out for me and for as many people as I can possibly help too.”

The couple said B. Smith’s diagnosis has made them closer than they’ve ever been.

We wish them nothing but the best!

(Photo: Matthew Peyton/Getty Images for QVC)

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