Usher Reveals Son Has Type I Diabetes, How Common Is It?

Life & Love | Gerren Keith Gaynor | 04/24/2014 | 04:30 PM EDT

The singer says this has been ‘one of the hardest years’ of his life

Usher Raymond shockingly revealed that one of his sons has Type I diabetes, and that it’s contributed to this being “one of the hardest years” of his life, in addition to dealing with the passing of his grandmother.

"It has definitely been a difficult one for me," the singer said in an interview with the “Today” show. "Sometimes y'all look at me and we're off camera, and I'm looking online, I'm looking at numbers and trying to make sure that he's eating. It's crazy."

Raymond is the father of two sons, six-year-old Usher Raymond V and five-year-old Naviyd, both from a previous marriage with his former stylist Tameka Raymond. This isn’t the first challenge the singer has faced since becoming a father. Last summer, his son Usher V was involved in a pool accident, in which he nearly drowned while trying to retrieve a toy in the drain.


But Type I diabetes occurs primarily among children and young adults. Previously known as juvenile diabetes, Type I diabetes, which is considered uncommon, is an immune disease the body does not produce insulin. Only 5 percent of people with diabetes have this form of the disease. Symptoms include high or low blood pressure, being very thirsty, having blurry eyesight, urinating more often, dry skin or mouth and fruity breath color.

Diabetes can be diagnosed with blood and urine tests. Treatment for it includes meal planning and taking insulin daily.

(Photo: Usher via Instagram)

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