According To Him + Her: Tips To Getting Your Stuff Back After A Bad Breakup

Life & Love | Camille Travis | 03/27/2014 | 04:30 PM EDT

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The days, weeks and months following a bad breakup can be brutal. What was once a magical and euphoric trip to the land of love is now a crushing reality that breaks even the hardest of hearts.

But, life goes on. The world still spins. And you still need your stuff back.

On an all-new episode of Centric's relationship series "According To Him + Her," our panelists will discuss Rule 80: after a breakup, all gifts over $25 must be returned upon request. While the verdict is still out on the unwritten principle, what can be agreed upon is that there is a protocol to getting your personal belongings (and even gifts) back without all the fuss.

Consider these five tips.

Allow breathing room.
For the sanity and safety of both parties after a turbulent split, allow some time to pass before returning to gather your things. While you shouldn't be holding out for weeks, it would be wise to let the distance calm the situation and tension between you and your former flame.

Make a list, check it twice.
To avoid heading in blind, write down all of your personal belongings that you'd like to collect. Ideally, this will be a one-stop-shop to grabbing your things, if you plan accordingly. Consider all clothing, toiletries, gadgets, etc. As for presents, be real. A gift should be a gift no matter how a relationship turns out, but there are certainly exceptions. A family heirloom such as a ring or watch should be given back to its rightful owner without question. In all other instances, use your best judgement.

Plan your return.
Do NOT head over to your ex's place unannounced to get your things. Ever. Not only is it rude and ill-planned, but you never know what you could be walking into without giving a heads up. It would be in your best interest to call or text him/her, letting them know that you're interested in picking up your stuff and would like to set up a date and time.

Get in, get out.
Don't prolong the process of wiping your hands clean of a failed relationship. If possible, politely ask you ex to box up all your belongings that they can find. Or send them a list of your items (see above) so they can be on the look out. When you find yourself face-to-face with your ex to collect your things, keep things cordial and quick. No need to entertain an argument or revisit the details of the axed romance.

Access the value.
If emotions are running high and things seem to be going left, decide if the items are worth the trouble. Yes, collecting your iPad and an expensive pair of shoes are well worth the fight, but a toothbrush and raggedy t-shirt...not so much. Opt out of the drama.

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