Pretty Hurts: The Dangers of Extreme Weight Loss

Life & Love | Gerren Keith Gaynor | 03/04/2014 | 11:15 AM EST

Forest Whitaker's wife Keisha turns heads with her dramatic weight loss...why being too skinny has dire consequences

Forest Whitaker’s wife Keisha Whitaker raised a few eyebrows during Oscar weekend while attending a few events on her husband’s arm.

The 42-year-old actress and producer’s dramatic weight loss wasn’t hard to miss on the red carpet, as she was barely recognizable from just a few years ago. According to RadarOnline, experts believe Keisha, who was already at a normal weight size, has lost up to 35 pounds.

While it’s not confirmed whether Mrs. Whitaker’s weight loss is intentional or health related, what’s for sure is that such a dramatic drop in weight is not only unhealthy, but can have very serious consequences to your body.

Sickness and health complications aside, women who lose weight so dramatically usually do so because of the pressures they face to be thin, which is traditionally equated to beauty. But being too thin is more healthy than being obese.

Doctors often warn people of the dangers of rapid weight loss, which includes a lot of physical demands on the body like malnutrition, dehydration, the development of gallstones and Electrolyte imbalances. It can also lead to premature aging of the heart and bones.

More seriously, the desire to be thin can also lead to very deadly eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia.

In a nutshell, striving for that runway body can cost you your health and even your life...literally. There’s nothing wrong with striving for an ideal, but do so responsibly and, more importantly, do it the healthy way.

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