Study: Bullying’s Negative Health Effects Get Worse Over Time

Life & Love | Gerren Keith Gaynor | 02/20/2014 | 02:30 PM EST

In a study of adolescents in fifth through 10th grades, researchers found that the longer they’re bullied the more damage it does to their mental and physical health

We all know there’s no good that comes to bullying. Researchers, however, have discovered that children who experience bullying may have more long-term damaging effects than expected.

Medical publication Pediatrics reported that the effects of bullying can snowball overtime. After following nearly 4,300 children in Los Angeles, Birmingham and Houston in the fifth, seventh and 10th grades, researchers found symptoms of depression, low self-esteem and poor physical health.

Those who were being bullied had high levels of depressive symptoms, low self-worth and more problems with basic physical activity. And the longer the bullying went on, the worse the problem was. For example, 10th graders who were being bullied reported problems, but the worst problems were reported by kids who experienced bullying in fifth and seventh grades, too. Almost half of continuously bullied kids had poor psychological health, which is seven times more than kids who had never been bullied.

Doctors suggests that parents pay closer attention to their children who may be experiencing the anxiety of bullying, such as cuts, bruises or signs of trouble mental health. 

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