The Most Shocking Celebrity Health Scares of 2013

Life & Love | Gerren Keith Gaynor | 12/25/2013 | 10:45 AM EST

These A-list celebs found themselves on the wrong side of health

If there’s one thing this year taught us, it’s that celebrities aren’t superhuman, no matter how rich and famous they may be. In the year 2013, we’ve seen some of our favorite celebs succumb to health bouts that thankfully did not turn fatal. Check out this year’s biggest celebrity health scares.

Lil' Wayne
In March 2013, Lil’ Wayne had the most shocking and publicized health scare, hands down. Not only did the New Orleans rapper suffer from multiple seizures this year, but TMZ infamously reported him being on his death bed - which Wayne’s camp categorically denied. The celebrity news blog, however, maintained that their sources were reliable. Thankfully, Weezy is alive and well. The rapper has since opened up about his seizures, stating that it’s something he’s dealt with all his life - though some speculate it had something to do with his addiction to the street drug known as sizzurp, aka codeine.

Nene Leakes
Just last month, reality star and actress Nene Leakes revealed to the world on her blog that she had been diagnosed with blood clots in the lungs, which is believed to have formed from constant traveling on planes. More recently, Leakes said she was not entirely out of the clear that the potentially fatal blood clots could return, but she’s taking extra precautions including medication and frequent checkups with her doctor.

Cynthia Bailey
Nene wasn’t the only Atlanta housewife to have a health scare this year. Former supermodel Cynthia Bailey’s battle with uterine fibroids was documented on her reality show, where the health issue was beginning to take a huge toll on her marriage. Thankfully, Bailey’s successful surgery to remove the noncancerous tumor put everyone at ease.

Paris Jackson
Who can forget Michael Jackson’s daughter’s scary suicide attempt? Paris Jackson’s unsuccessful attempt to take her own life this past summer - which included an overdose of Motrin and cutting her wrist with a kitchen knife - was one of the biggest shockers of the year. The 15-year-old allegedly was crying out for attention amid her father’s death case and her strained relationship with her brother, Prince.

Mariah Carey
Pop legend Mariah Carey was rushed to the hospital this summer after taking a tumble during a music video shoot and dislocating her shoulder. Being the diva she is, however, Ms. Carey bounced back style, wearing many fashionable and blinged-out arm braces.

Singer Tyrese worked himself so hard that he fainted on stage during a performance with his TGT band mates, Ginuwine and Tank. In the process, Tyrese broke his arm, which was later put in a cast. His reps say the singer did not properly rest during promotional tours for their new album, 3 Kings.

Cynthia Bailey's New Boo Yahu Blackwell Is Fine As Hell

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