Kenya Moore's Tips On Staying Fit During The Holidays [EXCLUSIVE]

Life & Love | Bené Viera | 12/23/2013 | 09:49 AM EST

Kenya Moore shares tips and secrets on how to eat what you want during the holidays while staying in shape.

Kenya Moore may be stirring up trouble on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but there’s no denying her curvacious body. Ms. Moore is in shape!

In addition to the show, the former Miss USA is focusing her energy on projects like her upcoming book Invisible and the successful Booty Boot Camp DVD. The fitness video includes three 20-minute workout plans. The 42-year-old reality star says she’s received emails and tweets of testimonials that include women’s before and after photos.

We spoke to Kenya specifically about staying in shape during the holidays, without having to avoid any of our favorite holiday foods. Kenya's secrets may keep you from gaining the five extra pounds this Christmas.

Centric: You obviously have a fantastic body. Talk to me about your fitness DVD Booty Boot Camp.

Kenya Moore: Well, I love fitness. I am a walking billboard for fitness. The DVD has three separate workouts. One is your beginner level then it graduates to level two, which is your intermediate. Level three is a little harder, I wouldn’t say expert level, but it’s definitely challenging. A lot of people do level one and they feel like ‘Oh I can do level one let me just go ahead and do level two.’ They keep going and then the next day they can’t even walk. I always say just take your time. You want to do the moves correctly. I don’t want people speeding through the workout and they’re missing the correct moves. It won’t do any good if you’re not doing the moves correctly.

C: The holiday season is upon us. What are some tips for women who want to eat what they want during the holidays, but not gain weight?

KM: I have it all worked out. First, before you do anything, usually in the day you should work out as soon as you wake up. You have a very light meal--whether that’s a protein shake or egg whites, or even fruit and nuts. Something light so you can get your metabolism going as soon as you wake up. And then you want to move your body. You want to do your Booty Boot Camp DVD or make sure you workout that day. Your adrenaline is pumping, you feel good, you feel toned and you will actually not eat as much. You will feel like ‘Oh I can taste some things.’ You get a small plate, you sample everything that’s there, but when you work out in the morning and you’ve already eaten a good meal you’re not going to want to indulge and over indulge in all the food that you’ll see. It works every year. I promise you on Thanksgiving [or Christmas] I never over-eat because I have this routine.

These meals from your breads, the stuffing, the fried chicken, everything is full of fat. It’s just one big meal of fat. It’s ok to eat some of it. But I think when you start your day out feeling good, moving your body well, I think it definitely diminishes the craving for all that food.

C: That’s a good one. A lot of people will skip breakfast and their first meal is the holiday dinner.

KM: Yeah, it’s almost like a binge. I have another trick too. After your meal is completed go outside and take a brisk walk. Get out there, get your body moving, walk around, walk the kids, play some touch football, do something. Just stay active so you’re burning calories instead of just sitting on the sofa and falling asleep because you’ve eaten way too many carbs and fat.

C: Do you have a special diet during the holidays?

KM: I really don’t. It’s ok to eat a little bit more of what you’re normally used to because it is only this special time of year. I just always have to move my body. I don’t even feel like myself if I don’t do some kind of exercise. I always keep my DVD Booty Boot Camp in my bag because I’m not always able to go to the gym. If it’s too cold outside I can’t go walking, I can’t go hiking. Even if you eat a few more calories, instead of only doing level one say, ‘I’m going to do level two today too.’ Because once you put that weight on it’s so hard to take off. It’s easy to put on, but it’s so hard to take off, especially when you get older.

C: Since the name of your DVD is Booty Boot Camp, have you seen the results of women with smaller butts who now have bigger ones because of your DVD?

KM: Your butt is a muscle. Any muscle can be built. And any muscle can be shaped. So, yes, I’ve had people tweet me, they email me photos, they tell me how great they feel, how much weight they’ve lost. It makes me feel good that I can affect people in such a positive way and get them to move their body and to look good and achieve results.

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