Fitness Friday: Ways To Get the Entire Family Active

Life & Love | Gerren Keith Gaynor | 11/15/2013 | 10:30 AM EST

Gather the clan and get fit!

With all that goes on in a week between work and school, there are fewer opportunities to get the family together, let alone exercise. Staying fit as a family keeps harmony and encourages everyone to be their best self.

Whether you have a teenager who’s always running to the mall after school or a spouse who’s obsessed with work, it’s important to gather the clan for a few family-fun activities that will burn those calories and fat consumed throughout the week.

For this Fitness Friday, try getting the entire family in on it with these great ways to get active and stay fit:

Bike Riding - Cycling is not only a fun activity for the family, but it’s a holistic exercise that builds strength in not just the legs, but every single part of the body. You’ll burn those calories, build stamina and improve your cardiovascular system.

Dance Competition - If you want to avoid the cold, why not just turn on some groovy tunes and have a family dance competition? There’s nothing like dancing. It works every muscle in the body and you get to have ton of fun in the process. You can also up the ante by having a prize for the best dancer.

Multi-Family Competition - You don’t have to just workout with your family; you can also include other neighboring families or even extended family in a sports competition, like baseball, basketball or football.

Games - There are so many fitness games you could play with the family to keep you active. There’s Wii Fitness - which has interactive games like bowling and tennis - and even old school games for the home...remember Twister?!

Charity Events - Try giving back and working out at the same time by participating in a walk or marathon for a good cause.

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