Alcohol Can Ruin Your Weight Loss Goals

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Jamie Foxx could have been talking about the extra inches around our waistlines when he penned the lyrics to Blame It on the Alcohol. While alcohol in moderation can be good for your health, overdoing it can have serious consequences to your weight loss plans. Before you hit up your next happy hour, here are some things to consider:

1. As we all know, alcohol relaxes us, makes us merry and reduces inhibitions. Theres nothing like sharing a good bottle of wine with good company. However letting go of our inhibitions can wreak havoc on our diet plans. We are less likely to stick to our convictions about making healthy choices and are more likely to indulge in greasy, fatty foods.

2. Your body processes alcohol before breaking down fats and carbs. This can slow down your fat burning process leading to unwanted weight gain.

3. At 7 calories per gram alcohol contains almost twice as many calories as carbohydrates. Also calories from alcohol have no nutritional value, its much better to consume calories that your body can use for energy.

4. Alcohol causes dehydration which not only means that we lose nutrients vital for maintaining a faster metabolism but that it also makes us thirsty, leading us to consume even more alcohol. Try drinking a glass of water in between your drinks to keep you hydrated and feeling full.

With spring/summer almost here, most people arent trying to completely give up alcohol (poolside cocktail anyone?)---nor should you have to. Here is a guide to help you enjoy a drink and maintain your weight loss goals.

"Healthier" Alcohol Choices

Beer: Pabst Blue Ribbon Extra Light Low Alcohol is only 67 calories and Molson Light is 82 calories for a 12 oz. bottle. Wine: White zinfandel tends to be one of the safest bets with a modest 80 calories (4 oz. glass). Other smart choices include Chablis and Chardonnays. Both are approximately 90 calories. Liquor: Cocktails can have a slightly higher calorie count; but if you must indulge try a Bloody Mary, Highball, Moscow Mule, Mojito or a Manhattan---each delivers an average calorie count in the mid 100s.

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The More Friends You Go With, The More You Drink
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