Get Fit W/ Nik: 5 Surprising Ways Exercise Can Improve Your Life

Life & Love | By Danica Daniel | 12/27/2012 | 08:30 AM EST

Just when you thought exercising was only good for getting a tight body...

Exercise is not just a great way to get fit, the benefits of breaking into a sweat can help to improve the overall health of your mind, body and spirit.

While gasping for air in the middle of a heart-pumping workout, it can be difficult to imagine the often ignored benefits of exercising or joining a gym.

But consider these five often ignored ways that working out can work wonders in your life.

1. Make New Friends

Sparking up a conversation with fellow gym-goers not only passes the time during a strenuous workout, but also introduces you to new buddies who will encourage you through grueling routines. Before you know it, your social calendar will be packed with dates for friendly [health-conscious] lunches.

2. Improve Your Rhythm

Hip-hop, salsa or zumba? Pick your poison. There are tons of dance classes to choose from at your local gym and finding one to pique your interest will make you smoother on your feet.

3. Discover A New Passion

Why confine yourself to the typical routine of strength training and cardio? Spice things up with a game of racquetball, join an amateur basketball league, meet the challenge of the rock climbing wall or do something totally out-the-box and invigorating like Karate classes or surfing!

4. Increase Your Life's Focus

Allow your discipline and motivation in the gym to carry over into the everyday tasks that test your mental toughness. If you can push through five miles on the track, you can certainly endure a last-minute stack of tedious paperwork at the job.

5. Welcome A Better Wardrobe

Go ahead, enjoy your slim, new figure! Dropping those extra pounds and leading a healthier lifestyle are certainly positive benefits of working out, but fitting into your dream jeans? Icing on the cake.

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