Ink, Paper, Scissors
A Girl Like Grace
Criminals At Work

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Queen Boss

Only One woman can be "Queen Boss!"

From The Bottom Up

A group of women rebuild, after falling from grace

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The Gift Guide: Part I

Genese & Cashay are in the kitchen.

The Gift Guide: Part II

Genese, Cashay and Jess Play a Little Game

The Gift Guide: Part III

Genese, Cashy, Jess and Brooke enjoy shade & shots.

The Gift Guide: Part IV

The ladies exchange gifts

"To Gift or Not to Regift?"

These ladies answer one of the toughest holiday questions!


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Top 100 of 2016

Centric's counting down the best music videos of the year!

Centric's Top 10 Videos of 2016

These videos changed the game in 2016! Here are the Top...

Viral Queens

These Black women took over the internet in 2016.

Get Real

Tamar Braxton Laughs At The Real's Ratings Struggle


You're HIRED!

Omarosa Officially Joins Trump Transition Team

Get 'Moovn'

Black-owned ride-sharing app ‘Moovn’ Changes The Game

A Decade of Grief

Sean Bell’s Fiancée Reflects On Decade After Police Shooting

Secret Blame Game

Hillary Clinton Blames President Obama for Loss

Tricked Out For Trump

What A Trump Presidency Means For Black Women

Life & Love

Holiday Tipping

Holiday Etiquette: Don't Forget To Tip Those Who Serve You

Surviving The Holidays

How To Survive The Holiday For The Sake of The Children

Return To Sender

What If You Don't Like A Gift You Got For The Holiday?

Holiday Love Advice 101

Demetria McKinney serves up holiday relationship advice


Is It Possible To Have The Buddy And The Booty?

Beauty & Style

The Missing Link

The Missing Step to Your Winter Skincare Routine

Your Skin's New BFF

Girl, You Need A Humidifier

What Does The Color Red Mean To You?

Women In Red Give Off Threatening Signals To Other Women

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