Lil Kim Denies Skin Lightening: 'When The F*** Did I Bleach My Skin?!'

Entertainment | 12/19/2016 | 04:00 AM EST

(Photos from left:  Steve Jennings/Getty Images, Bryan Bedder/Getty Images (2), Scott Gries)

The rapper isn't too fond of criticism on her seemingly altered appearance

Lil Kim's seemingly strong fondness for cosmetic surgery has been the subject of a slew of think-pieces ranging from an exploration of colorism to her perceived lack of self-esteem about her features---namely her skin tone. But if you were ask the rapper why lightening effect, she's doesn't know what the hell you're talking about.


Lil Kim: "I'm A Spanish Girl Trapped In A Black Girl's Body" [VIDEO]

In an exchange on Instragram with a fan who questioned her apparent lighter complexion, Kim responded: 

"Ok but when the f*ck did I bleach my skin u miserable Moron! My plast post clearly shows that but u haters will always have something to say even when facts r right in front of ur face but I understand ur just doing ur job as a hater but understand this … I checked my calendar and I still won’t give a f*ck Neveruary the 1st either."


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