Miki Howard's Son Claims Late Michael Jackson is His Father

Entertainment | Justin Dwayne Joseph | 03/06/2014 | 01:11 PM EST

Miki Howard's Son Claims Late Michael Jackson is His Father

Brandon Howard, the 31-year-old son of 80′s R&B singer Miki Howard claims he is the son of the late pop icon Michael Jackson, and he has the DNA evidence to prove it.

According to TMZ, Howard who goes by B Howard---he is an aspiring entertainer--- acquired DNA from an old orthodontic device worn by Jackson. However, no information has been given to the person who put the device in his possession.

The results of the test are a reported match.

Miki, who was managed by MJ’s father Joe Jackson in the early 80s, met the late entertainer in 1982 and Brandon was born soon after.

Brandon who grew up in Cleveland, is now based out of Miami, and has been releasing music over the past couple of years, including 2011’s “Dance Floor,” which sounds very MJ-esque. 

So if the claims prove true. Does this mean an instant pay day? Not quite. "We've never even heard from him," said Michael’s estate lawyer Howard Weitzman to TMZ. "Any deadline for claiming to be Michael's child has long since passed."

B. Howard is set to unveil the DNA results publicly on Thursday, March 6.

Story developing…

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UPDATE: A press conference was held confirming the late Michael Jackson is the father of Howard. However, Howard says he is not behind the current media maelstrom. See videos below:  

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