Teej Mercer: “30 Seconds Stood Between Me And Death"

Entertainment | 08/16/2016 | 07:30 PM EDT

(Photo: CentricTV)

Veteran media personality and best-selling author gets candid about domestic violence in premiere episode of Centric’s THE ROUND

“After 1,260 days it was a mere 30 seconds that stood between me and death…”

Teej Mercer
recalls how what seemed like an ordinary day in 2009 changed her life forever. On the premiere episode of THE ROUND, the veteran media personality and author of The 6-Figure Battered Wife: My Path to R.E.S.I.L.I.E.N.C.E. shares her story of abuse, trial, and overcoming after four years of suffering in silence. 

Let her story inspire you...

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