7 Love-Centric Web Series To Watch This February

Entertainment | Bené Viera | 02/02/2015 | 01:30 PM EST

Black web series like 'Roomieloverfriends' and 'First' will make you laugh while appreciating love

It’s the month of the year we celebrate love in all its forms along with Black history. In the spirit of February, we're highlighting seven of our favorite Black web series themed around relationships and love.

TV has a abysmal shortage of relatable, smart, nuanced Black programming. The redundant, stereotypical images we’re fed has led to a great counter movement of Black web series on YouTube. The writing is witty with realistic storylines. The actors are a true representation of the beauty of Black people in all different skin tones, hair textures and body types. The series are funny and provide all around dope content. Finally we get to see a true representation of ourselves as a colorful, brilliant, multi-faceted people.

Whether these seven web series are already your favorites or you haven't heard of them, we hope they will bring you the same joy they’ve brought us.

1. “Roomieloverfriends”
Creators and writers: Dennis Dortch and Numa Perrier
Starring: Shayla Hale, Andra Fuller, Yaani King and Austen Jaye
What It’s All About: This is a fan favorite of the BLACK&SEXY TV productions (honestly, of their eight web shows, all of them could’ve been on the list. But we digress). “Roomieloverfriends” follows the situationship of Tamiko and Jay who start off as roommates.Things get complicated after they sleep together. These two can’t decide if they love or hate each other. The back and forth between the two will make you yell at the computer screen. Do you root for these two or hope they find other partners? Once you go on this emotional rollercoaster with Tamiko and Jay, you won’t be able to get off.

2. “First”
Creator: Jahmela Biggs
Starring: Jahmela Biggs and Will Catlett
What It’s All About: Charles and Robin are childhood friends who’ve known each other since middle school. When they reunite in their late 20s they decide to date. The series takes you on the journey of the two falling in love one first milestone at a time. It’s pegged the modern-day Love Jones, but you’ll have to watch to see if that comparison holds water. Pro-tip for the fellas: You’ll have to step your dating game up after this show. Dinner and a movie just won’t do.

3. "Milk + Honey"
Creators: Dana Gills, Asha Kamali May, Jeanette Mcduffie | Executive produced by Idris Elba
Starring: Lance Gross, Bryce Wilson, Faune Chambers and Debbie Allen
What It’s All About: Four women are navigating the tough business of Hollywood. In addition to pursuing their professional endeavors, the women are figuring out their spiritual and romantic journeys as well. Will they fall in love or put love on the backburner? The goddess Debbie Allen is attached to the project so we’d say that alone is reason enough to tune in.

4. "Love Handles"
Creators: Carlton Jordan and Crystle Clear Roberson
Starring: Erica Nicole Robinson, Skye Marshall, Leilani Smith, Mustafa Shakir
What It’s All About: This is a comedy. It doesn’t necessarily fall into that relationship genre, but it’s centered on a woman who has just been dumped by her boyfriend so we’d say that counts. Leeza is letting her breakup make her lose her mind. After gaining weight, her boyfriend Derek dumped her. To pull her out of her slump her best friends Charlie and Jade force her into the health/fitness life. The trio’s friendship is tested quickly after they join a “man magnet” fitness group. Will their friendship survive the pursuit of love?

5. "Dear Future Wife"
Creator: McKinson Souverain
Starring: William Alexander, Webbie Casseus, Jeovanie Andre
What It’s All About: A man that’s actually looking for love? A wife specifically? Yes, it happens. At least in the land of web series. Brandon is a regular guy looking for a partner in life. Find out if his pep talks to himself in the mirror will help him seal the deal.

6. "Smoke and Mirrors"
Creator: KarynRose Bruyning and Artemus Jenkins
Starring: Artemus Jenkins, Ashanti Toi
What It’s All About: Sonny Richard is a filmmaker who is recently single. Now he has to become readjusted to the complexities of male and female dynamics. He thought he had it all figured out, but the more he dates, the more he realizes the game done changed. And perhaps it’s not all the women’s fault either. He starts to see the problem just might be him.

7. "Brothers With No Game"
Creators: Brothers With No Game
Starring: Jay Marsh, David Avery, Zephryn Taitte, Isaac Sosanya, Magdalene Mills, Ryan Lester
What It’s All About: Assume by the title these four British friends have no game. Set in London, Theo, Dorian, Marcus and Junior are having a quarter-life crisis as 20-somethings as they come to terms with their responsibilities. Their dilemmas revolve around work and family, but mostly women. Their friendship is bonded by the one thing they each have in common: they have no game. If the British accents don’t pull you in, the relatable scenarios and comedic moments will.

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