Kristina DeBarge Launches Investigation Into Janet Jackson Baby Rumors

Entertainment | 12/16/2016 | 12:37 PM EST

(Photo: Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for WE tv)

The 'Growing Up Hip Hop' star is not stopping until she gets answers in the on-going secret baby drama between her father James DeBarge and the pop star.

Rumors of a secret child between Janet Jackson and her ex-husband, R&B singer James Debarge have managed to stay afloat for years. And while Janet and her family consistently deny the claims. The DeBarges aren't letting it go.

James' daughter Kristina DeBarge has decidedly taken matters into her own hands and is determined to discover the truth about her rumored "long lost sister".


In the season two finale episode of the reality show Growing Up Hip Hop, Kristina meets with a private investigator who says he has made contact with the woman claiming to be her long-lost half-sister; and that she has agreed to meet.

This latest development in the on-going baby-gate drama, comes just weeks after James confirmed that the rumors were in fact true.  

James and Janet were married in 1984. The marriage was annulled in 1985. 

Watch the full clip HERE

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