Unauthorized Naomi Campbell Biopic Makes Explosive Claims

Entertainment | 11/28/2016 | 12:36 PM EST

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New script centers on the supermodel's alleged abusive, one-night affair with Russian president Vladimir Putin

A recently revealed blind item claims that an unathorized Naomi Campbell biopic is currently floating around to several studio heads.


The story is supposedly centered around the model's abusive, one-night affair with Russian president Vladimir Putin described as a settlement for issues between Putin and Campbell's ex-boyfriend, billionaire Vladimir Doronin. It's also suggested the Russian president paid $2 million for the exchange.


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Read the full blind item text below:

"There is a manuscript being floated around which is an unauthorized biography of a current leader of a very powerful country that is not the US. In it, a supermodel relates a story about the leader which put her in the hospital. The supermodel who gave the interview to the author is a permanent A lister. The author is using her name while his agent sells the manuscript but it is still up in the air whether she will allow her name to actually be published because she fears for her life. Our model was dating a very wealthy man. Incredibly wealthy. That is her norm. Her boyfriend’s wealth relies a great deal on the ruler of the country.

At some point the boyfriend made the ruler angry and the ruler decided the only way to make amends was by offering up the model for one night. The boyfriend explained the situation and for a fee of $2M the model agreed to spend a few hours with the ruler. The model says that she was treated very well at dinner and that her host was relaxed and interesting and she began to relax. After dinner he led her to a bedroom followed by two security men who stayed outside the bedroom.

As soon as the model and ruler entered he locked the door and turned to the model and punched her in the stomach. When she bent over from the force of the blow he grabbed her by the hair and dragged her to the bed. He pushed her over the bed and grabbed one of her arms and twisted it behind her which caused her shoulder to separate and for her to almost pass out. The ruler then raped her and sodomized her. The entire time in the bedroom from start to finish was under 30 minutes. When he finished, he unlocked the door and walked out and told the security men to take care of the model. She said she was carried to the car that brought her and she was dumped in the backseat and the car took her to the home of her boyfriend who had a doctor attend to her. The boyfriend and the model broke up the next day.

Naomi Campbell/Vladimir Putin"

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