Michelle Obama In, Michelle Williams Out? Destiny's Child Singer Laughs Off Replacement Joke

Entertainment | Camille Travis | 01/07/2016 | 03:30 PM EST

Petty level: High

It's been 16 years since Michelle Williams became a 'survivor' of Destiny's Child's infamous group shake-up, but, unfortunately, she still remains the butt of some people's foolish jokes.

Adding to the Internet's ongoing #PoorMichelle campaign was this entry from MTV:


Michelle was always my favorite Destiny's Child. ✨| 🎨: @sainthoax

A photo posted by MTV (@mtv) on

While some took issue with MTV's shade, Williams was a good sport and found humor in the Photoshopped picture.

"You guys play waaaaaaaaaay too much! I see the pettiness crept into 2016!!! Only because it's the one and only @michelleobama will I even entertain this!!! This is a good one that I must laugh at!!!" she replied on Instagram.

It's nice to know Michelle (W.) can take a joke!


(Photo: Paul Morigi/Getty Images, Columbia Records)

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