Erica Mena Slams Ex-Fiancé Bow Wow, Claims He Abused Her

Entertainment | Gerren Keith Gaynor | 01/06/2016 | 11:45 AM EST

'Since the truth needs to be told I'm down to tell it...Stay tuned'

Erica Mena is not going to let her ex-fiancé Bow Wow get the last word in their very public breakup.

The former "Love & Hip Hop New York" reality star blasted her former lover on Twitter, accusing him of lying to the media about their now defunct relationship. She also claims he abused her and "violated" her son.

"He can run to his friends over at these blogs so he can try to look a certain way but buddy you don't wanna play with me. WE know what U did," Mena tweeted, according to screenshots obtained by

"I've been nice about all this considering all that was done to me physically and the violation to my child as well," she continued. "Shad if you wanna tell the story tell the real story! You got the pictures too."

Erica Mena On Break-Up With Bow Wow: "I Want To Thank God..."

But the Bronx boricua didn't stop there. Mena also alluded that she's returning to a television near you to expose the rapper/actor's "lies."    

"Since the truth needs to be told I'm down to tell it. Stay tuned," she tweeted along with a TV emoji. 

Despite the lengthy tirade, Mena says she's moved on from Bow Wow, including leaving behind $20K furniture she bought at his house.

"Everything you post proves you not over it but damn homie we was about to get married why lie to blogs. It's a new year MOVE ON!!!"

Mena's anger may stem from Bow Wow's recent comments at a New Year's Eve party.

“I don’t care about no broads from 2015,” the rapper said. “Shade Room, I know ya’ll here – don’t ask me about that crazy b*tch!” he continued. “We done with these reality bitches, we done with that sh*t!”

Mena reportedly ended their engagement in September 2015 after Bow Wow called her an "attention whore."

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