NBA Star Thinks Daughter Playing Basketball Will Make Her 'Lesbian'

Entertainment | 01/06/2016 | 04:25 PM EST

Andre Iguodala is called out in court over child support

NBA baller Andre Iguodala is an expert on the court, but apparently doesn't want a basketall anywhere near his daughter.

Clayanna Warthen, the mother of Iguodala’s 6-year-old daughter London, claims the Warriors guard-forward will not allow their child to play basketball out of fear she'll become “lesbian.”

Warthen is currently battling Iguodala in court over child support payments. She's requesting that the basketball player pay $58,000 a month, according to TMZ. That's more than triple the original payment of $16,000 a month.

Warthen says Iguodala's current payments do not cover their daughter's full school tuition, and accuses him of shunning his own child. She says the 31-year-old father didn't even call his daughter for Christmas. The lack of presence in London's life, Warthen says, has caused her to get therapy--which also comes with an expense. 

Iguodala's lawyer slammed Warthen's claims, accusing her of being money hungry. The lawyer says Warthen wants money for a personal chef and $7,000 for floor seats at 76ers games.

The lawyer says Warthen's requests are "a prescription for spoiled children."

(Photo: Steve Jennings/Getty Images for TechCrunch)

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