MC Hammer On Owing IRS $800K: "The Devil Is Working"

Entertainment | 12/28/2015 | 06:00 AM EST

The rapper is blaming evil for his latest financial woe

MC Hammer is no stranger to financial woes, but news of the rapper's latest wrangling with the Internal Revenue Service is still causing surprise among some of his fans. 

According to Bossip, the 53-year-old rapper (born Stanley Kirk Burrell) owes the government agency over $800,000 in back taxes and fees. 

But if you ask him what's up, its just the "devil" at work. 

"That devil is working overtime to fill your holidays with negative images, negative narratives,Fear & Negative energy. Get behind us satan, " he tweeted. 

And when one of his followers suggested he do a residency in Las Vegas to get "mad bread", he responded: "Let the lawyers do their thing. It'll be settled. No crying in the big leagues. Play Ball."

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The website further reports: 

"Hammer responded claiming in his infamous bankruptcy case, there was more than a million dollars to be paid to creditors. The IRS didn’t get a cut of that money because it claimed now to be owed anything, and that money went to other creditors. The rapper explained that if they had said something about the money owed, it would have gone to them before anyone else because Uncle Sam is a priority creditor in bankruptcy cases. Hammer said that, “To come back after the fact and assert claims after millions of dollars have been paid out by creditors from which these claims have been paid in full, is the misconduct the USA committed.” He pleaded with the appeals court to overturn the order making him pay $800,000 to the IRS over decades old tax debt. Then on December 17th, the appeals court came back with their decision in the years long battle between Hammer and Uncle Sam. The decision sided with the government and affirmed the previous court’s decision.

The order states that the IRS did not commit misconduct in their actions. Further, it says that the rapper failed to provide any evidence that Uncle Sam did anything wrong in his bankruptcy. Also, they add that having Hammer pay the $800k+ in tax debt will not be a serious injustice to him. They agreed with the original decision in the case and ordered that MC Hammer is on the hook for the $800,000 in back taxes to the IRS."

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