K. Michelle To Press Criminal Charges Against Blogs And Individuals For Stalking

Entertainment | 12/28/2015 | 06:15 AM EST

The singer spent $32K on private investigation to go after websites and people she claims have "stalked" and "threatened" her

While other celebs were celebrating Christmas with new whips and things, K. Michelle decided to gift herself with a little legal gut punch to the individuals and blogs she says have stalked and threatened her for the past four months. 

The "Hard To Do" singer took to Instagram to voice her frustration and give details on the $32,000 dollar investigation that led her to this point. 

Michelle wrote:

What was meant for my bad yesterday actually turned out for my good. For over 4 months now I’ve been stalked and threatened. I’ve spent now over 32,000 on an investigation. I’ve remained quiet and prayerful. Thanks to certain blogs who handed over the email addresses to help in this matter and other trackable sources. On This Christmas morning I was finally able to start the process of pressing criminal charges against certain individuals and certain blogs. You all will not believe the people who run these blogs they are mothers, felons, and people in your church. I don’t want to see anyone go to jail, and I’ve tried to let it go, but some people are miserable and sick.

You can’t put my addresses out, leak private material found. It is actually very illegal, and you can’t breach confidentiality agreements. Instead of buying new bags and shoes, I’ve decided to spend my money on something meaningful. I’ve decided to not sit back and go after parties involved. Yes it’s a weird Christmas Gift, but I’m proud to be standing up for myself and helping other people and celebrities maintain their safety and privacy. Thanks to my legal team and PI for working on the holidays. First time I’m not being Sued. Yes Gawd!"

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