Deion Sanders Kicks Sons Out on Christmas

Entertainment | 12/28/2015 | 06:00 AM EST

The former NFL star's sons with his ex-wife Pilar Sanders claim they were wrongfully kicked out of their father's house and denied any gifts

If you're Deion Sanders' son and you decide to get your ears pierced, you run the risk of being kicked out of the house on Christmas without any gifts. 

Or at least that is what the former NFL stars' two sons, Shedeur and Shilo, are claiming. 

"Went to my dad's house, he kicked me out because I got my ears pierced with my mom [Pilar Sanders]. No presents on Christmas. Thanks for ruining my Christmas pops," wrote Shilo on Instagram. 

He continued: "Not everything is how it looks on IG"

The alleged act seems a bit odd, seeing as though Deion was known for wearing diamond stud earrings during his football playing heyday in the 90s. 

Deion Sanders Wins Big In Court Case Against Ex-Wife Pilar Sanders

"Everyone in the house has their ears pierced. But once me and Shilo got it, it's a problem" wroteShedeur. 

Shilo and Shedeur are two of the three children had between Deion and his ex-wife Pilar. They also have a daughter named Shilomi. 

Deion and Pilar divorced in 2011, however legal wrangling between the pair has gone on for years. 

Both parents have yet to publicly address their sons' claims. 

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