Actress Tasha Smith's Marriage Annulled Due To Fraud

Entertainment | 12/23/2015 | 09:45 AM EST

'Why Did I Get Married?' actress says her husband kept a secret life from her

Actress Tasha Smith is a single lady after having her marriage annulled earlier this month by a judge who believed her husband was a fraud.

From TMZ:

"Tasha got her marriage annulled a few days ago, after claiming he had a secret life he kept from her. Specifically, Tasha said during their courtship he told her he was a preacher and presented an image he was a man of faith. 

Tasha says the reality was way different ... hubby Rory Douglas had been married 5 times before her. The judge said, 'She in no way would have jumped within a few months at the chance to be bride number six.'"

Other factors contributed to the ruling, including the fact that Douglas concealed the number of children he had, his past criminal conduct and his failure to pay taxes for nearly a decade.  


(Photo: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

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