TGT's Split Gets Even Messier

Entertainment | 12/21/2015 | 08:30 AM EST

Tank makes light of the group's personal drama

The jokes are flying about the split of R&B supergroup TGT and even Tank has joined in on the fun.

Following Tyrese's annoucement of the group's end, Tank posted a questionable video from TGT's 2013 promo run, in which Ginuwine struggles through a performance.

"That time I found out the hard way that @ginuwine and @tyrese were never ever going to sing the background parts!! I love my brothers!" Tank captioned the video.


Tyrese followed up with a post of his own, claiming some R&B singers have already inquired about taking Ginuwine's spot. Instead, he's hoping they can work out their personal issues.

"So crazy....... A few RnB Dudes already got at me - I'm coo..... Honestly maybe I'm crazy but I hope we can just figure this out..I'm still here for #TGT - #Family may fight and argue........ But loyalty and compromise always wins in the end.......... One things for sure...... The #GrammyNominatedAlbum called #ThreeKings was a great one........ Pure R&B!" Tyrese wrote on Instagram.


(Photo: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

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