Tyrese Says TGT Is Done, Ginuwine Calls Singer A Diva

Entertainment | Camille Travis | 12/18/2015 | 10:00 AM EST

Ginuwine believes Tyrese should have kept their business private

The party's over for R&B supergroup TGT, as Tyrese has confirmed the "Three Kings" are no more. But Ginuwine isn't taking the news so well.

In a post on Instagram, Tyrese wrote:

"I’m sorry to break the news………….. TGT is done………. It’s not about fault….. Business is business….. Me and Tank are still movin….. We will forever love our brother G as brothers…. We’ve got TOO much history to turn this into anything negative…. Even 112 are still together, NEXT, DRU HILL is still together and TROOP and New Edition….. It’s only 3 of us we did one album it was epic……. And now it’s over……. We have been forced to start looking into someone else…… Or me and T just might do it solo…. The reason it worked is because of our history and mutual respect……. I don’t know I’m just shocked and disappointed that I’m even putting up this post……. #ThreeKingsNoMore but I guess…. #LSG only made one album….. Damn.."

Once Ginuwine caught wind of the post, he fired back with a response of his own, calling Tyrese a "diva." He wrote:

"wow really to post personal Bizns shit is a pussy move n-gga why would you do that and since you wanna do that keep it going and we will expose it all DIVA lets get it!!!!!!be a f-cking man not a lil boy talk to me call don’t try and manipulate the situation publicly wack wack wack of you. Exactly why it is the way it is."

TGT released its first and only album, Three Kings, in 2013. It included the singles "Sex Never Felt Better," "I Need" and "Next Time Around."

has yet to speak on the split.


(Photo: John Ricard/BET)

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