'RHOA' Fans Are Ready To Give Kim Fields The Boot

Entertainment | 12/15/2015 | 10:30 AM EST

And they're ready to replace her with a certain friend of the show

"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" fans are six episodes deep in the show's eighth season and it's clear some folks are not feeling the addition of Kim Fields.

For the veteran actress, Sunday night's episode was filled with tears as she took a trip to Miami with the ladies, leaving behind her husband and two kids. As her fellow castmates indulged in a few cocktails and made nice with the locals, Fields was left feeling isolated and out of her element.

And viewers could tell. Fans of the show tweeted their two cents on the casting of Fields, calling her "boring."

"I'm not understanding why Kim Fields is #RHOA . She's so boring & annoying," wrote one commenter.


Another said, "[Executive producer Andy Cohen] FIRE whoever suggested Kim Fields for #RHOA. In fact you should fire yourself for agreeing to it."

Not wanting to voice a problem without giving solutions, fans suggested the show re-hire Sheree Whitfield as a full-time "housewife." As a friend of the show, Whitfield has already managed to spark up some drama with Kenya Moore and her ex-husband's best friend, Tammy McCall.

One fan wrote, "Kim Is Draining They Gave Her Sheree Peach For This?! We Need A Redo On Peaches @Andy #RHOA."

Another commented, "Kim should have gotten fired when she said, 'I don't belong here', & her peach should have been passed to Shereé. #RHOA."

Ladies, what do you think about the casting of Kim Fields? Sound off!


(Photo: Mark Davis/Getty Images)

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