Erykah Badu Hilariously Reveals Which Ex Gave The Best Foot Massages

Entertainment | Camille Travis | 12/11/2015 | 01:30 PM EST

Singer reveals which rapper had just the right touch

If you follow Erykah Badu on Twitter, you know the singer has been dropping all kinds of gems and hilarious quotes this week in her social media campaign #AskBadu. The online Q&A session is in promotion of her new mixtape, But You Caint Use My Phone, and fans are getting their questions answered straight from the source. 


In one 30-second clip, Badu discusses the importance of massages and how one of her famous exes was the master masseur.

Can you catch the tea from this video? (Answer below)


ANSWER: Rapper Common. The pair dated from 2000 to 2002.


(Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

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