Transgender Escort Takes Responsibility For Inviting Lamar Odom To Brothel

Entertainment | 12/08/2015 | 10:00 AM EST

Madison Montag also apologizes to the Kardashian family in an open letter

While Lamar Odom continues his recovery at a Los Angeles hospital, a transgender escort is taking responsibility for inviting the former basketball star to a Nevada brothel, which almost cost him his life.

In an interview with In Touch, Madison Montag is stepping forward as the person who convinced Odom to visit the Love Ranch brothel in early October. In the days leading up to Odom's drug overdose, the pair exchanged several messages, in which Montag offered to have Odom picked up in an unmarked car and promised his discretion would be respected.

"I was like, 'What time does daddy want this?' and that's when he made the call to the ranch and got the [chauffeured] car immediately [that same day]," Montag explained. "Lamar made it clear that he wanted to get with me at the Love Ranch."

But when Odom arrived, Montag said he looked "uncomfortable" and decided against picking her as his partner. Instead, he selected two other prostitutes, Ryder Cherry and Monica Monroe.


"When we walked into the room, I got a very weird vibe. [Lamar] was looking down like he was ashamed. He looked very uncomfortable. I wasn’t picked," Montag continued.

"I think Lamar felt he would be judged if he picked me initially because he is a high-profile person due to the Kardashians and his career. The other girls would have judged him and looked down on him, and he didn't want that."

On Oct. 13, Odom was found unconscious at the Love Ranch brothel of a drug overdose. He has been hospitalized ever since and continues treatment at Cedar-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Sources say he still struggles to walk and communicate verbally.


Montag said she takes some responsibility in inviting Odom to the brothel, but insists she had nothing to do with his drug use. She said Odom would have been safe with her and this whole ordeal could have been avoided.

Montag has since penned an open letter to Khloé Kardashian and her family, expressing her regret.

"I felt responsible for what happened because it was me who Lamar came to spend the night with at the Love Ranch," she wrote. "[...] If things had gone accordingly, Lamar would have been well taken care of and I would never have provided Lamar drugs."

Montag added, "I am deeply saddened for that unfortunate night. My thoughts and prayers are with Lamar and your family."



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