Kendrick Lamar Fan Files $1M Lawsuit

Entertainment | 12/08/2015 | 01:30 PM EST

Fan claims she was banned from the rapper's concert over a meet and greet opportunity

A Kendrick Lamar fan is demanding a huge payday after allegedly being cheated out of a meet and greet with the rapper.

According to TMZ, Whitney Larkins claims she paid $350 for the ultimate fan experience, but was ultimately banned from Lamar's concert after asking for personal time with the star. The report states:


"Whitney Larkins says she emailed Lamar's manager, Dave Free, asking for 3 minutes of one-on-one time with Lamar ... on top of the $350 VIP meet and greet package she'd purchased. In a lawsuit she filed on her own, Larkins says Free replied she could get the 3 minutes for a 'cash payment of $10,000.'

The figure didn't scare her off because Larkins says she repeatedly tried to get more info from Lamar's team, which apparently ticked off someone. Larkins says she got an email the night before the concert saying she was banned, and would get her $350 refunded."

Larkins said she felt "deep sadness" after being banned from the concert and is demanding more than $1 million for her troubles.

And while she has her own issues with Free (who she calls "arrogant" and "snotty"), she still considers Lamar "one of the greatest rappers alive of all time who is on par with Tupac."

Free has yet to respond to the lawsuit.


(Photo: Sean O'Neill/PacificCoastNews)

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